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The Bosch XC 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand delivers both professional rip capacity and outstanding portability for a tool that can get the job done, wherever it is. The powerful Amp saw delivers 4. It also incorporates soft-start circuitry for smooth but quick ramp-up to the operating speed. It includes Constant Response circuitry to help maintain speed under load, restart protection to avoid accidental startup and overload protection. The SquareLock rip fence is engineered for maximum trueness and great ease-of-use.

It includes an enhanced auxiliary fence for narrow workpieces. It is jobsite-ready with heavy-duty construction. The Smart Guard System features a three-position adjustable riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and non-obstructed-view barrier guard assembly.

The table saw provides a 30 In. Have a tool, accessory, application or service question? More information. Order now. Register now. Open contact form. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. We may already have the answer for your questions.

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Bosch 4100-09 10" Jobsite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand

Technical Data. Powerful table saw — has Amp saw with 4. Customer Support Have a tool, accessory, application or service question? Search for Parts Diagram Locate and download the parts diagram for your tool. Order Spare Parts Order your genuine Bosch parts here. Product Registration Protecting your investment in Bosch power tools can save you time and money in the future.

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You may have come across the Bosch Table saw — one of the best-selling table saws currently on the market. Keep reading for our Bosch Table Saw review! One of the coolest features of this table saw is how portable it is. The Bosch has a gravity rise mobile stand that unfolds and folds with one simple motion. While standing on its wheels, simply pull the lever to prop it up. It takes about 45 seconds to wheel your table saw across the room, set up the attachments, and have it fully functional.

Whether your interest is home projects or construction work — this table saw will serve you well in terms of mobility. Despite its mobility and light weight, the Bosch packs some serious power behind it. This table saw has a amp motor which delivers 4.

bosch 4100 table saw

One of the features that puts this table saw above the rest is the soft start feature. This unique feature provides smooth start ups without compensating for speed or power. As a result, a soft start will manage the intensity of motor-start up and reduce the chance of tripping a circuit breaker. The quality of this table saw really shines when you start it up. Moreover, the Bosch table saw provides a 29 In.

It also has a inch ripping capacity that is capable of cutting through 4-foot sheets. The fence is high quality and will glide back and forth over your table for precise alignments. The blade easily adjusts in height by rotating the wheel located on the side of the table saw. Based on our Bosch table saw review, everything came square straight out of the box. The zero gauge for the tilt was perfect, the squareness of the miter fence was accurate, and the tape measure was accurate as well.

Therefore, in terms of precision and power, this table saw definitely passed our review. All the attachments and tools you need such as your rip-fence, extra blades, blade wrench, miters, guards, anti-kickback pawls, and miter gauge are all located on the on-board storage of this table saw.

Additionally, it has a storage compartment to keep additional tools from your workshop. This will save you the heartache of getting to your jobsite and not knowing where your necessary tools are. Staying organized is fairly important for woodworking, so having this extra storage space is a big plus. On top of this, all the attachments can be taken off with the quick release system.

Once you remove all your tools and attachments and place them back in their designated storage locations, your table will be flat so you can place it up against a wall. This feature really helps conserve your storage space. There are many excellent features on the Bosch table saw. Unlike most table saws which can be a hassle to deal with — the Bosch has a simple pull lever which releases the legs for easy transport.

Speaking of mobility, this table saw really does a great job at fulfilling the title of being a jobsite table saw. All your components are quick release, making it swift and easy to set-up your table saw and have it ready to go. Weighing only 60 lbs.

You can effortlessly move up or down stairs with this jobsite table saw. Additionally, the soft start is a keen feature on this table saw.Source: woodworkingtalk. Bosch is one of the most well known and trusted power tool manufacturers in the world. With that in mind, the general functionality of the is pretty great, as with most of their other tools.

bosch 4100 table saw

With a 3, RPM motor, the actually runs a little slower than many of the comparable saws out there. This Bosch table saw runs a 4 hp motor, which is more powerful than many others. This runs a 10 inch bladeand comes with tooth carbide-tipped blade. Bosch build table saws, not blades. Like most comparable saws, the Bosch has a retractable extension which runs out to the right side of the blade. This is just OK.

These work easily and perfectly on the Boschas is to be expected. The handles are grippy and sturdy, making it very easy to unlock, set your required height or bevel precisely, and lock them down tightly agian.

This can often be an issue with jobsite table saws simply not being so effective at collecting dust. If efficient dust collection is especially important for you, consider a reliable hybrid table saw like Shop Fox W instead. Portable table saws struggle with this because most often the fence needs to be easily removable. The saws are designed to be used and then stored away quickly — which often means the fence needs to detatch easily and is usually stored neatly somewhere on the saws body.

The unfortunate thing about this fence comes from the actual usage. This is just one of those things with portable table saws. It also has a greater ripping capacity — so if this additional functionality is more important to you than portability, it might be something to consider.

Manufacturers of portable saws have really stepped up their game lately when it comes to safety gear. Traditionally, blade guards and splitters or riving knives have been a pain to use. Usually awkward to fit in place or adjustment, and often causing inconveniences during cutting. This jobsite table saw features a tool-free blade guard and riving knife.

They simply clip in place in about 2 seconds. The blade guard is split in two, so you can raise one side or the other to watch a piece as you make a cut. It can be set to different heights, so even for non-through cuts or dados you can still have the riving knife in place for extra safety. Again, this is all easy and tool-free. In short, the safety features on the Bosch are great. That used to be an issue with older safety gear. I really like this trend of tool-free safety features on table saws.

Similar systems can be seen on Dewalt portable table sawsand other brands. Oh boy, this is where the Bosch really shines. If portability is a high priority for you in a jobsite table saw, the is definitely for you. This portability is by far the best feature reviewed in our Bosch review. Firstly, this thing is lightweight. It weighs only 60lbs. The second thing to mention here is how easily you can store all the bits and pieces that go with a table saw, on the body of the saw itself.For those that want to tackle their DIY Projects on time and with minimal fatigue, heavy-duty tools are the most ideal.

A point worth noting is that with advancements in technology and innovation, many manufacturers are producing tools that are meant to meet the demands of each consumer fully. However, with so many tools in the table saw market, consumers should take caution so as to get legit products. Bosch, a renowned manufacturer of power tools, has been able to come up with the Worksite inch table saw. This is a tool that is fitted with unique features that make it easily beat competition.

Bosch 4100 - 10 Inch Worksite Table Saw Manuals

This article looks at the features, pros and cons of the table saw. See The Price On Amazon! Bosch invested heavily in the design of this product. It has a sturdy wheelbase and an appealing look to the eye. The device weighs 60 pounds and measures 29 x 32 x These measurements make this device quite compact and you are able to easily move it around.

The wheelbase enables you to freely adjust the device to your preferred settings. Besides, this manufacturer ensured that the various materials used in the construction of the device are heavy-duty. For instance, the top is made up of high-quality aluminium which is strong enough and gives a clean look. The aluminium top also ensures that the workspace is increased.

Material support is also accorded by the top, and it consequently allows for a inch ripping capacity. A stand is present, and this facilitates the easy open and collapse of the tool. Good Performance The performance of this tool is unmatched. This is because the Bosch has a powerful amp motor. This is able to give a maximum speed of RPM and 4. This is when the device is at 90 degrees.

bosch 4100 table saw

The ripping capacity has been rated to be at 25 inches. To streamline the performance of this tool, a soft start circuitry was included. The circuitry is able to effectively manage the intensity of the motor start-up which on the other hand reduces the chances of a circuit breaker tripping. There is a constant response circuitry whose role is to maintain the speed of the load. Flexibility and Safety To ensure that this tool is well clamped, Bosch made use of the square lock rip fence.

The wheeled stand also ensures that you can adjust this device and move it easily.Exceptional Portability - quick and easy transport between jobsites Heavy Duty Construction - Built to last with powder coat paint finish for longevity 8" Treaded Pneumatic Wheels - Handles the toughest and unexpected jobsite terrains Collapsible Design - Minimizes storage space requirements.

Motor HP 4. Saw - 60 lbs. It's always tricky drilling holes in wooden balls. You just can't quite get a good grip on them Skip to main content. Bosch 10" Benchtop Tablesaw WOOD magazine rating. Average reader rating. Brand: Bosch. Model: Login to Write a Review. Purchase Here.

Login to Add to Toolbox. Review Summary Although this saw makes an excellent addition to any construction job-site, it's also just as proficient in a woodworking shop. Mounted on Bosch's strut-assisted Gravity-Rise stand with smooth-rolling pneumatic tires, the model tablesaw earned our Top Tool award among high-end job-site saws. It has our favorite blade-guard system that was easiest to install and use; an easy-to-use rip fence with 25" rip capacity; a respectable tooth blade.

All the included accessories fence, miter gauge, blade guard store on the saw—and safely out of the way—when not in use. Show full review. Detailed Ratings 5. Reader Reviews Bosch Reviewed by: adventuredsm.Bosch is a household name when it comes to both appliances and power tools, and the brand is known for its high-quality products. Fortunately, table saws are no exception which is why I have decided to review one of their more popular models, the Bosch table which includes a Gravity-Rise stand.

This table saw runs on a amp electric motor that generates up to 4hp, and rotates at 3, RPM. The rip capacity is 25 inches, and the diameter of the blade is 10 inches. For enhanced safety, there is an arbor lock mechanism which means you can change the blade with relative ease.

Among the features that set this table saw apart from other competitors is the SquareLock Rip Fence. I suggest you try it first, and if it keeps annoying you, you can always buy an aftermarket miter gauge.

Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw Review!

The table is made out of aluminum and is really smooth which means you will be able to slide even the largest pieces in with very little effort. Still, for extra safety, I would recommend the optional extensions when ripping longer workpieces.

Bosch has made improvements to their existing Smart Guard System, and it now includes a blade guard and riving knife as well as anti-kickback pawls. You can attach or detach these without any tools making the unit highly modular. The blade guard is also made out of aluminum, and split down the middle so the blade and measurement marks are clearly visible.

All of the aforementioned pieces which are removable can be stored onboard since the table saw has designated space for it.

Bosch 4100-10 Review – 10 In. Worksite Table Saw

In order to prevent this you can make use of the riving knife you may also find this referred to as a splitter. When the material gets pinched by the blade at a certain angle kickback occurs, but thanks to the riving knife there is no chance of this happening. To adjust blade height you simply operate the elevation wheel located on the front of the saw, and the angle of the blade can be set through a switch which is behind the wheel in case you want to make bevel cuts.

The tooth blade on this table saw is made out of carbide. Thanks to its unique properties this material can cut through softer types of wood such as pine or plywood as if they were butter. As for various accessories and attachments such as rip, miter and blade guard, these can be stored in their own specially designed hangars.

If you plan on using other blades and you probably will there is also a well where you can store all the blades you have. In order to keep the surface of the table dust-free there is a dust collection port featuring a shrouded design which can be attached to the vacuum.

I like the clever design of the stand on this saw which allows it to collapse or open by operating a single lever. The unit has two transport wheels which allows for easier relocation and the stand doubles as a pulling handle. It measures 39 x 30 x 20 inches which makes it pretty compact. The distance between the floor and the work surface is To make the stand as durable and corrosion-resistant as possible Bosch has given it a powder-coat finish. In fact it may be the very best.

Considering it has a powerful motor and large rip capacity, it will definitely be a welcome addition in any workshop. The unit also comes with innovative Smart Guard technology, is highly portable and is equipped with a unique Gravity-Rise stand. I could go on for days about Bosch table saws, but instead I recommend you pay a visit to Amazon and pick one out for yourself.Table saws and accessories are available from leading manufacturers including DeWalt, Bosch, Dayton, Makita, Milwaukee, Wilton and more.

Here is some additional information about Bosch Contractor Table Saw. I purchased this saw for two reasons; I really like the quality of my other Bosch tools and I wanted a soft start motor. What I wasn't expecting is the very thoughtful engineering that Bosch put into this saw. The table is large to accommodate larger cuts, the blade accuracy was spot on right out of the box, and the gravity rise stand is fantastic. Bosch made a storage space for the blade guard, pawl, miter gauge and push stick all of which actually work even when folding up the table for storage.

I have cut Purple Heart, padauk and hard maple without any evidenced strain on the motor. The fence was also accurate out of the box, square with the blade and it is very substantial compared to others I have used.

I am very happy with this saw and love that it folds up without breaking my back into a small footprint. I would recommend this saw and would buy it again. I bought this due to downsizing to replace my 20 year old Delta Unisaw. So far I've only used it on sheet material but for that it was good.

Probably not the best for long 2x rips but it should get the job done. I really like the stand and portability. Love the portability, fairly priced, this is our 2nd saw and the first is still working great as well!!

The new model has tires that do NOT require air, much better as the air filled tires leaked constantly, but it truly is a great asset to the tool trailer! The Gravity-Rise Stand itself is an engineering marvel and best power tool stand on the market without exception.

With a quarter turn of the locking handle, it goes from storage position to working position in two seconds; no other legs or locking mechanism to fuss with.

The name says it all, as the weight of the saw allows the stand to open and close smoothly. In open position, the table sits at a comfortable 37 inches high. The table saw has all features for a jobsite saw. Onboard storage for extra blades, the blade guard, fence, miter gauge, powercord, pushstick, and wrench. The tool-less blade guard, anti-kickbacks, and throat plate can all be quickly removed and installed. The riving knife is adjustable and can be secured in multiple positions, and only one wrench is needed to change blades, due to the integrated spindle lock.

The underside of the table also comes predrilled and tapped for some accessories such as the outfeed support kit and left-side extension support kit, both sold separately.

BOSCH 4100-10 10" Contractor Table Saw, 5/8" Arbor

I'm am intermediate woodworker who enjoyed a cabinet saw for many years, but have moved and needed to downsize my shop. I tried to get away with not have a table saw, but I really missed the many operations one provides.

Reviews pushed me to the and I am glad they did. I have been using the saw for the past three months. The saw was dead on accurate right out of the box. The miter gauge and rip fence lock securely and accurately. I up-graded the blade and use care to not push stock too fast through the cut.

My last few projects were in walnut and the cuts are smooth and burn free. I haven't put a dado blade on it yet.

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